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D-link DAP1720 Setup

The D-Link DAP-1720 extender extends the Wi-Fi coverage and eliminates dead zones. It extends both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks with up to 1720 Mbps. If you are dealing with slow internet speed at your place then you can install d-link DAP-1720 extender. Boost your Wi-Fi coverage with d-link DAP-1720 setup even to hard-to-reach areas of your home. If you have purchased a new d-link DAP-1720 extender and want to connect it to the existing router or access point then you can refer to this guide for Dlink extender setup. We will be explaining step by step instructions for how to set up the DAP-1720 extender. For d-link DAP-1720, you can either use a web browser method (dlinkap.local web address) or WPS method (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). Check out the following step by step guide for Dlink extender setup.

How to set up Dlink DAP1720 extender ?

Method 1- WPS method

  1. Bring your Dlink DAP-1720 extender in the room where your router is placed and connect it to the power source. Press the power button.
  2. Press the WPS button on your router and wait for a while. You must press the WPS button on your dlink extender.
  3. You will see the stable light on the internet LED of your dlink extender. This indicates that the Dlink extender is connected to your router network.

Method 2- Web-browser method

  1. Plug your Dlink DAP-1720extender into the power source and wait for it to complete booting up. You can start the d-link DAP-1720 setup when the power light is stable.
  2. Connect your laptop to dlink default wifi network by using the SSID and password. Now, go to the dlinkap.local web page from a web browser.
  3. Fill the dlink extender login details and access the dlink extender setup wizard. Allow the setup wizard to find the wireless network. Select your router network and enter the wifi password.
  4. Next, you can configure your Dlink DAP-1720 extender network by configuring its wireless and security settings.
  5. Finally, D-link DAP-1720 setup is done. You can enjoy the extended wireless network. Wait for your dlink extender to reboot.

This concludes your Dlink DAP-1720 extender setup process. After getting done with the installation part, you can move your extender to a new location. You can get back to us by calling on our toll-free number if you need help with d-link DAP-1720 extender.