D-link Extender Setup

Today in this post, we will explain you the process of D-Link extender setup. To illustrate you in a better way we have taken D-Link n300 range extender, so we will discuss about the D-Link n300 wifi range extender setup. D-Link wifi range extenders have a good rating in comparison of any other wifi range extender. Setting up a D-Link wifi range extender is incredibly easy and simple as the devices are supported by D-Link extender setup wizard. Once you install the D-Link wifi range extender, the network will be extended and you will experience lag-free Internet connectivity. Follow this article till the end as we will also talk about the dlink.local login address.

D-Link Extender Setup: Process

This section will drive you through the instructions which will make you understand the D-Link extender setupprocess in a better way. We have put down some of the simple instructions to explain you the D-Link n300 wifi range extender setup process.

  1. Unbox the D-Link n300 wifi range extender from the package and set up the hardware connection.
  2. For D-Link n300 wifi range extender setup, setting up the hardware connection is very important. Connect the device to the computer using the Ethernet cable.
  3. Now plug the extender into the power socket and wait for the device to turn on.
  4. Go to the computer that is connected to the wireless network of the D-Link n300 wifi range extender.
  5. Launch any of your favorite web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Look at the top of the page, you will see an address bar.
  6. Enter the dlink.local login address into the address bar of the web browser. After you enter the dlink.local login address in the field, the browser will take you to the dlink.local login page.
  7. You will see the D-Link login window prompting you to enter the username and password.
  1. Enter the login credentials into the respective fields and click the login tab to visit the D-Linkn300 wifi range extender setup wizard.
  2. Now scan for the active wireless networks and select your home wifi from the list of active networks.
  3. If prompted, enter the security key of the network and connect to it.
  4. After this, you will be taken to the wireless configuration page. Set up the wireless settings and complete the wizard.
  5. Now follow the instructions to set up the device as a wifi range extender.

After you complete the D-Link extender setup process, make sure you save the settings on your device so that the device allows the settings to make changes.

So this article was all about the D-Link extender setup. We hope you got to know about the D-Link n300 wifi range extender setup instructions. In case you face an issue while attempting to set up the D-Link wifi range extender, call us on our Toll-Free number and our team of technical experts will guide you on the same. Thank you for reading the article.