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Dlink router setup

Dlink routers have an in-built Dlink setup wizard which helps you with the whole configuration of the router. For the Dlink router setup, you need to perform some basic steps and access the setup wizard for further changes. The router gives you the Wi-Fi coverage which you need throughout your home and offices. The coming blog helps you to understand the whole ‘Dlink router setup’ process. Although, the setup process is very simple and easy to perform, whereas, here we have mentioned the steps you need to utilize to connect to the setup wizard. You need to know the default Dlink router’s IP address or the web address to sign into the Dlink router loginpage and access the smart wizard. With the help of the smart wizard, easily change the username and password, perform the Dlink router reset process, upgrade the firmware etc. So, follow the blog carefully to know the Dlink router setup process, you can also talk to us on the toll-free number if you want to know more or face any issue.  

How to set up a Dlink wireless router ?

For setting up the Dlink router, you need to first connect the router to your modem, then your computer to the network connection you are using. The setup can be done in two ways such as wired or wireless setup process.  Pursue the means given-below for Dlink router setup process;

  • Go to your computer and then, open an internet browser.
  • Now, enter the default Dlink router IP addresshttp://  into the address bar of an internet player.
  • You will be directed to the Dlink router login page.
  • Then, Enter the username and password.  
  • In general, the default username is ‘admin’ and password is ‘password’ for signing into the login page.
  • To finish the login process, click on ‘login’ option.

Connect to the setup wizard:

Once you are logged into the Dlink router login page, the Dlink setup wizard will appear on your screen.

  • Start the setup wizard, click on ‘run wizard’ option.
  • Your router will automatically select most of the settings based on your connection type.
  • Then, easily create an administrative password and set your time zone.
  • You can also select the internet connection type by running the Dlink setup wizard.
  • In the end, save your settings by clicking on the ‘save’ option.

Your Dlink router will reboot, which will take one to two minutes and then you will be connected to the internet connection.  Feel free to call us if in case, you forgot the username and password or the Dlink router IP address.

Dlink router reset

In any case, you forgot the password of your Dlink router, then resetting your router to its factory settings, is the thing you need to do.  You need to perform the Dlink router reset to its factory settings to access the configuration utility. Given are the steps you need to follow;

  • While the power is on, by using the paper clip, press and hold the reset button for 10seconds.
  • Now, release the reset button and the router will automatically reboot itself.

You might need to wait for some more time to resume the Dlink router setup process. After that, the router will be using the default settings for the configuration.  We hope from the above blog, it will be easy for you to know about the setup of the Dlink router and its settings. If you face any problem, contact us on the toll-free number.