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Setting up a Dlink Extender by using a web using dlinkap.local

This page gives you step by step illustration on dlinkap.local setup, Dlink extender login, and how to setup Dlink AC1750 extender.

Dlinkap.local is an address that redirects you to the page. In order to login or configure any Dlink extender, you would need to use this default web address. D-Link extenders/ boosters/ repeaters are best-known for covering the dead zones that are often prevailing at our places. As we all are well aware that routers can only cover a limited area. Therefore, you should install Dlink extender to cover the entire area especially if you have a big place.

The Dlink extender is a simple plug and play device. It is very easy to perform Dlink extender setup with  dlinkap.local.   or, you can perform the WPS method for Dlink DAP1620 extender installation. Even though the installation part is easy, users can still encounter some issues such as- dlinkap.local not working, not working, or d’link extender not connecting.

Learn how to get access to dlinkap.local Setup Wizard

To extend your home network with Dlink extender, you would need to jump to the ladder from initial to the high level. Check out the following steps to learn about Dlink AC1200 extender setup.

Step 1-Unpack your Dlink extender and place it in an area closer to your existing router. Plug the extender to a power outlet and press the power button to turn ON the device.

Step 2-Make sure your existing router is beging connected to the internet. Now, you would need to connect your Dlink extender to the computer to access the Dlink setup wizard.

Step 3-Jump to a browser and type dlinkap.local in the browser. This web address will direct you to the page. Enter the Dlink extender login details when required, press the login option.

Step 4-You will enter into d’link range extender setup wizard. Now, you need to scan for the available wireless networks on the   dlinkap.local setup wizard.

Step 5- Choose your router’s network from the list and enter the wifi password of the router’s 2.4 GHz network. Repeat the process for the 5 Ghz network.

Step 6- Next, change the  wireless settings of the Dlink extender. You need to input a new wifi network name and passkey for your Dlink extender.

Step 7- Hence, your Dlink DAP1620 extender installation is now completed. You can now  re-locate your extender to the new location.

Troubleshooting- dlinkap.local not working

As discussed above,   Dlink extender setup   is a simple procedure. But there are some cases in which you can get stuck with your Dlink extender. If you’re witnessing some issues with your device while performing Dlink dap1620 extender installation, you can try the following troubleshooting tips. not working, d’link DAP1325 not connecting and Dlink extender not connecting

Tip 1- Make sure you’re within the range of your router. During the initial installation, Dlink extender should be placed in close proximity to the router.

Tip 2-Ensure that your computer is connected to the Dlink network. Without the connection, you won’t be able to get into dlinkap.local setup wizard.

Tip 3- Check the login credentials that you’ve entered if your not working. Enter the default login values, if you’re signing in for the first time.

Tip 4-Opt for a different web browser. An outdated web browser can result in  dlinkap.local not working  issue.

Tip 5-If still your d’link extender not connecting then you can bring back the default settings of the extender by performing a reset process.

Know how to setup dlink ac1750 extender via WPS method

The Dlink AC1200 extender setup can also be done with WPS ( Wi-Fi Protected setup) method. This process is less time consuming and simple. Here’s how to perform the process;

Step 1-Begin by unwrapping your Dlink extender and placing it near to your existing router.

Step 2- Power up your Dlink extender and press the WPS button for a few seconds.

Step 3-Find the WPS button on the router and then press it for a few seconds as well.

Step 4- When you see blinking lights, it means the connection is being formed.

Step 5-The Dlink extender will catch the settings of your existing router.

Step 6-You can now start using your Dlink extender.

Need help with dlinkap.local setup?

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