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D-Link X1560 Setup

Follow this guide if you don’t know the exact steps for how to setup d-link dir X1560 Wi Fi 6 router. D-Link X1560 Wi-Fi 6 router gives greater capacity, fastest speed, and less network congestion. The D-Link wifi 6 router is capable to handle the high-bandwidth demanding activities in the device-dense smart homes. For those who don’t know how to set up dlink router can learn about D-Link X1560 wifi 6 router setup steps in this blog.

Things you would need:

You need to download D-Link Wi-Fi app. You can easily find the app on your mobile phone’s Play Store for free. The app instructs with the instructions for D-Link wifi router setup.

How to setup d-link dir x1560 wi fi 6 router?

Follow the below steps:

  1. First of all, open the dlink app and scan the QR code of the dlink router. You can also continue without scanning the QR code. Select ‘Router’ and then select your router’s model number from the drop-down list. Tap ‘Next’ to continue.
  2. The app will instruct you to make the hardware connection. Connect the modem to your dlink device with the provided ethernet cable. Connect the power adapter to the dlink X1560 router and supply the power to the device. Wait for the power LED to get stable and solid white.
  3. Using the Wi-Fi network name and password connect to your device. This will take a few moments. Select your ISP from the drop-down menu.
  4. Create Wi-Fi network name and password. Also, create a log in password for your device. Click ‘Next’. Select yes to receive notification for new updates.
  5. A summary will be displayed showing your network name, password, and admin password. Click ‘Save’ to confirm the settings.
  6. Your mobile device will get connected to the newly created network. If not, you can connect manually by going to the ‘Wi-Fi’ settings of your mobile device.

This concludes your d-link x1560 wifi 6 router setup steps.

If you want more about how to setup d-link dir x1560 wi fi 6 router, get connected with our team of experts.