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D-link DAP1650 Setup

The D-Link DAP-1650 extender is an ideal solution for improving the coverage and signal strength of your wireless network. So, if you have recently purchased and wondering how to set up a D-Link-1650 WiFi extender, you can refer to this guide and get your answer.

You‘ll need the following things for d’link dap 1650 setup:

How to set up a D-Link DAP1650 Wi-Fi extender?

To complete the d’link dap 1650 setup, you need to follow these steps carefully:

  1. Power up d-link dap 1650 extender after connecting it to the electrical outlet.
  2. Connect a computer to the dlink extender using an Ethernet cable.
  3. You can also connect to the dlink network using the default wifi credentials.
  4. Open an internet browser and enter the default web address dlinkap.local or default ip address into the address bar.
  5. This will take you to the dlink dap 1650 login page asking you to fill in the username and password.
  6. You should be taken to the d’link dap 1650 setup wizard, click on ‘Next’ to begin the configuration.
  7. The setup wizard will allow you to choose the mode of dlink dap 1650 device. Select ‘Extender’ mode and click on the ‘Next’ option
  8. Next, the setup wizard will display a list of all the available wireless networks nearby to your dlink extender.
  9. From the list, select your router network and enter its Wi-Fi password to connect to its network.
  10. Create a wireless network name and password to your newly created dlink extender network.
  11. Review your settings and click on ‘Finish’ to complete the process.

The dlink dap 1650 extender setup is now completed.

DLink DAP1650 Firmware Update

To update the dlink Dap 1650 extender, you would need to visit the dlink support website and download the latest firmware file for your device. You need to enter the model number of your device and download the latest firmware. Next, you need to sign into dlinkap.local setup wizard. Under the ‘Admin’ tab, you can update the downloaded firmware file. If you have more questions regarding d’link dap 1650 setup, you can get in touch with our team of experts and get their help.