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A complete guide to D-Link Powerline wifi extender setup Setting up D-Link powerline Wi-Fi extender is a simple and easy procedure. D-Link whole-home powerline solution create a whole-home network. It uses your existing wireless network to circulate Wi-Fi signals throughout your home covering the dead spots even at the farthest corners. The d-link powerline wifi […]

Today in this post, we will explain you the process of D-Link extender setup. To illustrate you in a better way we have taken D-Link n300 range extender, so we will discuss about the D-Link n300 wifi range extender setup. D-Link wifi range extenders have a good rating in comparison of any other wifi range extender. Setting […]

The given blog briefly explains the d-link dap 1320 setup process. But before that, let us first know some general information regarding the wireless network. The D-Link DAP-1320 empowers you to expand your current wireless system coverage by setting up the Wireless Range Extender in the middle of your router and the remote customer device. […]

Change the settings of the D-Link router by accessing the dlinkrouter.local page. If you using a D-Link router, you may occasionally need to change its settings to increase your internet speed or avoid interference. You can do this through the router’s online configuration mode. This blog will guide you how to configure the D-Link router […]

Dlink routers have an in-built Dlink setup wizard which helps you with the whole configuration of the router. For the Dlink router setup, you need to perform some basic steps and access the setup wizard for further changes. The router gives you the Wi-Fi coverage which you need throughout your home and offices. The coming blog helps you […]

Range extender repeats the wireless signal from your wireless router in order to expand its coverage. The range extender captures the wifi from the router and rebroadcasts it to the area where the signal of wifi is poor or completely non-existent. The extenders boost the existing wireless signal beyond its usual coverage and also enhance […]